"Peggy Sue" signed sheet music that has repeatedly been on eBay,
the WORST attempt at forging Buddy's autograph I've ever seen

Here are some great pointers from one of the foremost Buddy collectors:
 "Anyone even thinking about entering the field of Buddy Holly autograph collecting
should do their homework first other wise a mistake could be very costly.

The best way to start is to consider how much a person is willing to spend.
If it's under $500.00 forget it. That's how much it's going to cost for even the most minimal legit autograph.

Then the best place to start is documents. Checks, contracts, receipts, letters, etc.. This may be a bit more costly but you would be assured a legit signature. The only thing is to make sure such an item hasn't been signed by someone else. However, if the document is legit it will have a notation as such. Ex: Buddy Holly by Norman Petty

Other things like post marks, notary, preprinted letter heads is always good to examine before purchasing. Obviously anything with a zip code is no good. There are a lot of stacked cards signed by Buddy. Some with all three, some with Buddy with Jerry or Joe, some with just Buddy. However, one must be careful here too. Norma Jean Berry answered fan mail in Clovis and sent out stacked cards that she herself wrote ("signed") the names of all three on front. Also Maria Elena was signing Buddy's name to these cards in late '58. Some of these were sold at Sotheby's in 1990.

Forget drumheads, items from the 1960's, 1970's, etc.. that have turned up on eBay.

Areas where one must be extremely careful: Album pages, records labels, record sleeves, anything in pencil, anything that is signed but has very little value.
An autograph is likely to be more legit if it's signed on something rare like a Decca EP.

Pencil signatures on paper always turn me off.

Anything from the family might be considered air tight but once again how many times have I seen Mrs. Holley's handwriting passed off as Buddy's? Also when was the last time a family member saw Buddy sign his name?
One should become familiar with the handwriting of at least Buddy's parents before embarking on Buddy's. I am sure the handwriting of Buddy's parents have some value but which one would you take first?

eBay auctions: I am always suspicious of any autographs that start at a low bid with no minimum, or those listings with a long winded description. A legit piece doesn't have to be "talked up". I also don't like the recent rash of last show autographs.

Isn't it amazing how Buddy, Ritchie and the Bopper all had the same handwriting according to the scans? And all were signed at the very last minute!

If the circumstances of an autograph is outrageous then it usually is!"

Now....take a look at this one.
Test your knowledge - is it real or fake?

This person purchased a "cut" on eBay,
then sent it to a company for authentication: